Posted on: December 24, 2008 12:38 pm
Edited on: December 28, 2008 5:21 pm

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

Just wondering how your draft strategy worked at the end of the season.  I’ve played in 5 leagues last year but cut it down to 3 this year.  To make it interesting I tried out 3 different draft strategies.  The first strategy I used was the Stud Running Back Theory (SRBT).  This is self explanatory as you pick the best RB available, ect.  The Second strategy I used was the best player available based on their projected Scoring Value (SV).  This may also be known as Value Based Drafting.  The final theory I used was the “X” factor.  This theory takes into account the projected scoring and past history over the last three season to come up with an average SV.  Then for example at QB, it assumes there are 12 starting QB in your league.  So what ever point value or SV the number 12 QB has is then subtracted from the remaining QBs to get the X Factor.  This year Marc Bulger was number 12 so his X factor was 0.  Ideally, this theory would let you know when any player would be taken too early or is a steal. 

Now that I’ve finished my leagues I thought it would be interesting to post the results.  In the SRBT draft, I won the division and was the number one seed in the play offs.  But poor coaching decisions in the first round caused me to lose to the wild card team.  I ended up taking fourth in that league.  I was very disappointment in myself that I over thought the situational matchups.  It didn’t help that M. Barber was a game time decision and I picked him over Choice.  My second team never had a chance.  I was fortunate to have Tom Brady slip to me as the number 11 pick, so I snatched him.  Once, he broke his leg I was not able to recover and finished out of the playoffs in fifth.  In my X-Factor draft I made it to the Championship game, but lost.  In this league I was ranked number one all year until the last week when I slipped to second.  That was fortunate as the wild card team posted the high score and knocked off the number one team, who I lost to the following week.   In hind site, injuries seem to be the key factor on how your team performs.

What was your strategy and how did you make out?

If you want to discuss this more check out the group I set up Boozers Fantasy Football Strategy and join in.

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