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AFC West Show Down

Its prime time Sunday night where the 8-7 Denver Broncos having lost their last 2 games take on the 7-8  San Diego Chargers winners of their last 3 games.  The winner will most like face the Indianapolis Colts in the first round of the playoffs and the loser gets to think about the season that could have been.

Stats:  The Broncos have scored 349 points and given up 396 while the Chargers have scored 387 points and given up 326 points.  The Broncos are 4-3 on the road where they have beat the Browns, Jets, and Falcons.  The Chargers are 4-3 at home.   The Chargers have a one game advantage against divisional opponents while the Broncos have fared better against non-conference opponents.

Matchups:  Offensively the Broncos scored an average of 23.3 (17th) with 395 yards of total offense ranking 2nd in the NFL (277 yards passing and 118 yards rushing).  Defensively the Broncos give up an average of 26.4 points a game with 366 yards which ranks them 28th in the league (230 yards passing 136 yards rushing).  For the Chargers offensively they average 25.8 (7th) points a game with 339 yards of total offense (13th).  The Chargers pass for 243 (7th) yards and rush for 95 (28th) yards a game.  Defensively, the Chargers give up 21.7 (17th) points a game and 346 (25th) yards.  The Chargers yield 242 (31st) yards passing and 103 (11th) yards rushing a game.

Individual Matchups:  Jay Cutler is ranked 3rd in passing yards and Philip Rivers is ranked 5th.  Rivers has thrown 5 more TD and 6 less interception than Cutler.   At the Wide Receiver position the Broncos have Brandon Marshall (3rd) and Eddie Royal (9th) ranked in the top 10.  The top Chargers receiver is Vincent Jackson (32nd).  The Broncos have Tony Scheffler (21st) ranked Tight End while the Charger have Antonio Gates who is ranked 6th in the NFL.  The Chargers have LaDainian Tomlinson who is ranked as the 16th leading rusher this year.  It is difficult to rank the Broncos running backs since they have started 5 or 6 back due to the injuries.  (See also Key Injuries)

Analysis:  The Broncos should have the edge in the passing game against the 31 rated Chargers pass defense.  The Chargers have a good matchup too against the 28 ranked Broncos defense.

Key injuries:  Selvin Young was placed on IR Monday.

The Bottom Line:  Chargers are favored by 9 points.  Accuscore.com projects the final score to be Broncos 17 Chargers 30


 – Boozers.

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Bills at Broncos Pregame Thoughts

The Broncos can lock up the AFC West with a win this week or a Chargers loss.  Personally, I would like to see the Broncos win the title vs. backing into it.  Playing conditions this week in Denver are expected to be in the 20’s.  Snow is in the forcast on Saturday, but that shouldn’t be an issue for either the Bills or the Broncos.  One issue for the Bills is who will be starting at QB, Gibram Hamdan or J.P. Loseman?  If it’s Hamdan I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of passing yards even against the Broncos Defense.  But now we find out that Trent Edwards will start.  I think he's the best bet for the Bills.  He may be a little rusty in the first half but I would expect to see him turn it on in the 2nd half.  Lee Evans and Josh Reed should get the majority of the 150-200 yards.  Marshawn Lynch should get 17-20 touches this week but I don’t expect him the break 100-yards.  More likely to see Lynch in the 70-85 yard range.  When the Bills get to the Red Zone, Lynch will likely be their best option to score.

For the Broncos, I expect Jay Cutler to pass for 220-250 yards with 1-2 TD and an INT.  Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal will get most of the looks with the majority of the yards going to Brandon.  Tatum Bell, Selvin Young, and P.J. Pope will all split carries this week and total around 120 yards.  Tatum, Selvin, and Brandon should be the favorites to score once the Broncos hit the Red Zone.  It is time for Pro Bowler's Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler to step it up a notch.

Final score:  Broncos 24 Bills 17

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AFC Breakdown - Week 13

Overview:  Let me begin with a rant.  The three games played on Thanksgiving had to be the worst games of the week in terms of routes.  The Lions proved that 0-16 is possible, and in my opinion should not be automatically given the opportunity to play in front of a national audience.  Who scheduled this game, the best and the worst?  In Weeks 8-10 this post has compared the AFC West to the other divisions.  For the remainder of the season the entire AFC will be reviewed from a head to head perspective.    

The AFC North’s two top teams Steelers and Ravens continued to play well and posted some big scores.   The Steelers soundly defeated the Patriots who are still contending for the AFC East lead.  The Steelers snapped Matt Cassel’s 400 yard passing streak holding him to 169 yards.  Cassel was sacked 5 times and picked for 2 INTs.  The Ravens played the Bengals and crushed them.  Derrick Mason had one TD on the day from WR Mark Clayton.  Clayton had a great day as well as he finished with 164 yards receiving and a TD.  The AFC North as a division is 22-25-1 and has scored 925 points with 917 point scored against them.  The Ravens have scored the most points in the AFC North with 292 points while the Steelers have given up the least amount of points at 170. The Ravens WR Mark Clayton was top performer with 169 yards on just 5 receptions one being for a TD.     

The AFC South front runners are the Titans, who have a strangle hold on the top spot in their division with only one lose.  The Colts are still making a push but can’t make up any ground.  They still have a reasonable chance to obtain a Wildcard position.  The AFC South as a division is 28-20 and has scored 1,084 points with 1,005 point scored against them.  The Titan led their division in points for and against.    

The AFC East front runners, Jets were soundly defeated at home by the AFC leader in a cold wet game.  The Patriots could not make up any ground as they were pounded by the Steelers.  The AFC East as a division is 28-20 and has scored 1,146 points with 1,039 point scored against them.  The Jets have scored the most points in the AFC East with 340 points while the Patriots have given up the least amount of points at 255.  Thomas Jones was the leading rusher in the NFL last week with 138 yards and 2 TDs.

The AFC West front runners Broncos had a road game against the Jets who were on a long winning streak, and had just beaten the Titans in the previous week.  Jay Cutler lead the Broncos to a 17 point win over the Jets passing for 357 yards and 2 TDs as was the NFLs leading passer for the week.  The Chargers dropped one at home.  This game featured the return of Michael Turner to SD.  The Chiefs won for only the second time this year over the rival Raiders.  The division as a whole has the weakest records at 16-32.  The AFC West has scoring a total of 970 points and giving up 1,098 points.  The Broncos led the division scoring a total of 292 points and the Raiders have given up the least amount of point with 265.

Top Performers.  To be considered a top performer the player must be rated within the top 3 at the position.  The Offensive and Defensives unit will be noted in the “Stats at a Glance” section below and not included in this area.  At the QB position, Jay Cutler (3) is the only top performers with 3,393 yards passing.  No AFC RB rated in the top 3 for rushing yards in the NFL.  Andre Johnson is the NFLs leading WR with 1,196 yards.  Tony Gonzalez leads all TE with 806 yards.

Playoff Analysis.  The following predictions are from Accuscore.com and are considered the percent chance the team has to obtain a playoff position.  The teams in the playoff hunt include the Titans (100), Steelers (94), Colts (91), Broncos (91), and Ravens (64).  The Jets (64), Patriots (43), and the remaining teams have less than a 43% chance and are sitting outside the playoff picture at the end of Week 13.

Stats at a glance                       Defense                                                           Offense

                        Pts             Total YPG      PYds/G        RYd/G              Pts          Total  YPG     PYd/G     Rush Yds/G

AFC West

SD (4-8)         22.8 (21)      367 (27)       260 (31)      107 (15)        24.2 (12)     329 (15)       236 (9)        93 (27)

KC (2-10)       28.3 (30)      395 (32)       231 (32)      163  (31)      18.0 (25)      307 (25)      189 (23)      117 (12)

DEN (7-5)      26.6 (29)      380 (28)       236 (27)       144 (28)       24.3 (11)      390 (2)        280 (3)        110 (19)

OAK (3-9)      22.1 (17)      351 (25)      192 (8)          158 (29)      14.3 (30)      263 (29)      139 (32)       123 (10)

AFC North

PIT (9-3)       14.2 (1)          238  (1)      166  (1)         71 (1)           22.4 (20)     308 (24)       201 (19)      106 (22)

BAL (8-4)      15.8 (3)         253  (2)       175 (2)         78   (3)          24.3 (11)     323 (19)      180 (27)       143  (3)

CLE (4-8)       20.6 (19)      356 (26)       215 (17)      141 (26)       17.8 (27)     275 (27)       169 (29)      105 (23)

CIN (1-10-1)  25.8 (25)      349 (24)       217 (20)       131 (24)       12.6 (32)     232 (32)       154 (30)      78 (31 )

AFC East

NE (7-5)        21.2  (12)      317 (13)       211(16)       105 (14)        23.1 (18)    355 (9)         224 (11)      130 (9)

MAI (7-5)       21.4 (13)      330 (18)       233 (26)       97 (11)          21.1 (23)    354 (10)       238 (8)        115 (13)

BUF (6-6)      21.6 (14)       314 (12)       205 (14)      109 (17)        23.0 (19)    322 (20)       211 (15)       110 (20)

NYJ (8-4)       22.3 (18)      331 (19)       249 (30)      82 (4)            28.3 (2)       346 (11)       214 (13)      132 (8)

AFC South

TEN (11-1)    14.6  (2)        281 (5)        185 (4)         97 (12 )        25.3 (7)       325 (18)       186 (21)      138 (6)

IND (8-4)       20.8 (11)      322 (15)      188 (6)          138 (25)       21.4 (22)     318 (22)       239 (7)        79 (29)

JAX (4-8)       22.5  (20)     319 (14)       204 (13)       115  (20)      20.1 (24)     320 (21)       209 (17)      111 (15)

HOU (5-7)      25.8  (25)    338 (21)        209 (15)      128 (23)        23.5 (15)    367 (5)          252 (5)       115 (15)

(**) League Rank Source NFL.com

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AFC East vs AFC West

AFC East Break Down Against AFC West  

Overview.  The AFC East has no clear cut favorite at the end of Week 9.  Three teams have 5-3 records with the Dolphins only one game back.  The perennial favorites Patriots have competition this year and certainly face challenges with Tom Brady out for the season.  The AFC East as a division is 19-13 and has scored 729 points with 699 point scored against them.  The Jets have scored the most points in the AFC East with 208 points while the Patriots have given up the least amount of points at 150.  The Jets and Dolphins are riding a two game winning streak while the Bills have dropped two and the Patriots have dropped one game.

The AFC West is quickly become known as the AFC Worst.  The division’s record is 10-22 as all three active teams this week lost.  The AFC West has scored a total of 647 points while giving up 844 points.  As with last week, the Chief who are currently in last place are only three games back of the Broncos, and the Chargers picked up a game on the Bronco with a bye week.  It’s becoming more probable that this division will have a 9-6 or 8-8 division leader by the end of the season.

Top Performers.  Though Week 9 the Chargers and the Jets lead their respective divisions with total number of points scored.  The Broncos and Dolphins are in the top 10 offensively for yards per game.  The Broncos, Chargers, and Dolphins are in the top 10 for passing yards per game.  The Patriots and Raiders are among the NFL top 10 in rushing yards per game.  Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Chad Pennington, and Brett Favre are among the NFL’s top 10 in total passing yards.  Only Thomas Jones was in the NFL’s top 10 rushing leader.  Lee Evans and Brandon Marshall are among the 10 in receiving yards. Defensively, Joey Porter leads the NFL with 12 sacks, and Shaun Ellis (8) has 7 sacks.  Darrelle Revis leads the NFL in interceptions returning one for a TD.  DeAngelo Hall and Brandon Meriweather both are ranked number 7 with 3 INTs.

Top to Bottom Analysis.  The AFC East certainly has the upper hand over the AFC West through week 9.  The Dolphins have beet both the Broncos and Chargers, Bills have beat the Raiders, Patriots have beat the Broncos and Chiefs, but lost the Chargers, and the Jets have beat the Chiefs but lost to the Raiders and Chargers, Collectively the AFC East is 7-3 against the AFC West.  Defensively the AFC East yields fewer points and offensively are putting more points on the board than the AFC West.  The Broncos (3) and Dolphins (10) are in the top 10 for total yardage per game while the Chiefs (26) and Raiders (29) are in the bottom of this category.   The Chargers (3) and Jets (8) are among the top teams for average points per game.  Surprisingly, the Dolphins (2) and Chiefs (3) lead in turnover ratio while the Broncos are last with the Bills and Jet in the bottom 10 as well.  Six of the eight teams are the least penalized in the NFL, while the Raiders have the dubious honor of being ranked 7 in this category.  The Broncos (4), Dolphins (6), and Chargers (7) lead the NFL in total passing yards per game.  The Chargers lead the NFL in passing TD with 19 followed by the Broncos (5) and Jets (6) both of whom have 15 TDs.  The Chargers (1), Dolphins (5), and Bills (7) lead the NFL in QB rating.  The Patriots are (7) with 1,053 total yards rushing and the Raiders (8) have 972 yards.  Defensively the Bills (10) are in the top 10 yielding just over 301 yards/game while all four teams in the AFC West are in the bottom 10.   The Patriots only give up 18.8 points/game making them the 9th ranked team in the NFL.  The Chargers have given up the most passing yards (2,121) while the Broncos (6), Dolphins (7), and Jets (9) also have been vulnerable to the pass.  The Chiefs (1) have yielded a league leading 1,459 rushing yards.  The Raider (3) and Broncos (8) are also on this list and have been the easiest teams to run on through Week 9.

Outlook.  Both divisions remain undetermined as who will emerge as the champion with no clear cut leader at this point.

Stats at a glance               Defense                                                           Offense

                     Pts       Yds/G        Pass Yds    Rush Yds          Pts         Yds/G         Pass Yds     Rush Yds

AFC West

Chargers    24.9  (23)   371 (26)     2121 (32)    852 (16)        29.2 (3)     343 (12)        246 (7)        97 (24)

Chiefs         27.9 (29)    407 (31)    1797 (22)   1459 (32)       15.8 (29)    282 (26)      168 (28)      114 (14)

Broncos      27.6 (28)    387 (29)   1946 (27)    1157 (26)       23.8 (12)     371 (3)         268 (4)      105 (18)

Raiders       25.1 (24)    373 (28)    1730 (16)   1261 (30)       13.4 (32)    264 (29)       142 (31)     121 (10)

AFC East

Patriots       18.8  (9)    317 (14)    1701 (14)     840 (15)        21.0 (22)    322 (18)      191 (23)         131 (7)

Dolphins     20.4 (12)    331 (22)    1938 (26)      717 (9)        21.4 (19)    349 (10)        249 (6)       100 (21)

Bills             21.1 (13)   301 (10)     1622 (12)    791 (12)        22.8 (13)    320 (20)      227 (12)        93 (27)

Jets             23.4 (19)   312 (13)     1891 (24)      608 (4)        26.0 (8)      327 (17)      214 (14)      113 (15)

Note.  Source NFL.com.  Stats were before the MNF game and may be subject to change. 

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AFC South Break Down Against AFC West

Overview.  The AFC South certainly looks to be as good as last year, but it’s not the Colts who are dominating this year it’s the Titans.  The Titans have an unblemished 7-0 record.  The Colts are four games back and need to make up a lot of ground with only a few weeks remaining.  The AFC South as a division is 16-12 and has scored 645 points with 585 point scored against them.  Surprisingly, the team in last place (Texans) has scored the most points in the AFC South.  However, the Texans defense has given up the most point leading to their poor record.  Conversely, the Titans are averaging 12 points a game by their defensive unit.

The AFC West is under performing as compared to this time a year ago.  The division’s record is 10-19 scoring a total of 603 point and giving up 764 points.  By comparison the Chief who are currently in last place are only three games back of the Broncos, which is the a better position than the Colts.  So it’s anybody’s division to win or loss at this point.

Top Performers.  Though Week 8 the two divisions have some high flyers.  The Chargers (3) and the Texans (10) lead their respective divisions with total number of points scored in the NFL.  The Broncos (2) and Texans (4) are in the top 10 for yards per game.  The Broncos, Chargers, Colts and Texans are in the top 10 for passing yards per game.  The Titan (3) and Raiders (7) are among the NFL in rushing yards per game.  Philip Rivers leads the NFL with an impressive QB rating of 107.8.  Matt Schaub and Jay Cutler are also in the top 10.  Rivers (3rd - 2,038 yards), Cutler (4th - 1,862 Yards), and Manning (9th - 1,740) are in the top 10 for total yards passing.  Rivers leads the NFL with 19 TDs, followed by Cutler (6th) totaling 13, then Manning and Schaub with 10.  Chris Johnson ranks 4th in rushing with 626 yards rushing followed by LaDainian Tomlinson who ranks 8th in the NFL with 551 yards rushing.  LenDale White leads the NFL with 10 rushing TD this season.   Andre Johnson leads the NFL with 772 yards receiving.  Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson are in the NFL’s top 10 as well.  Kevin Walter and Chris Chambers each have 5 TD and are in the NFL’s top 10.  The TE position is filled with quality players.  All four TE in the AFC West are ranked in the NFL’s top 10 for total yardage along with the Texans and Titans.  Antonio Gates leads the group with 5 TD and 403 yards followed by Tony Gonzalez who has 3 TD and 369 yards on the year. The Bronco Tight End tandem of Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler have combined for 4 TD and 479 total yards.  Dallas Clark  is in the top 10 for receiving yards and has 2 TD on the season.

Top to Bottom Analysis.  The AFC South certainly has the upper hand over the AFC West through Week 8.  Defensively the AFC South yields fewer points, and have out scored the AFC West.  The AFC South has run the ball better as referenced by the dynamic duo of Johnson and White.  The AFC West has two of the NFL’s leading passers with Rivers and Cutler while the AFC South’s Schaub and Johnson have been among the elite this year as well.  It’s no secret that playing from behind favors the passing game while playing from the lead favors the rushing game.  Top to bottom the AFC South has a better record and their last place teams would be second if they played in the AFC West.  Injuries have played a big part in both the AFC South and West’s performances.  Payton Manning got off to a slow start recovering from off season knee surgery.  Also, Joseph Addai has been out much of the season putting more pressure on the Colts.  The Broncos have been hit by the injury bug on both sides of the ball losing Boss Bailey, Champ Bailey, Tony Scheffler, Brandon Stokley, and Selvin Young.  The Titan lost Vince Young early in the season, but have maintained with Kerry Collins at the helm.  The Chiefs have been disseminated at QB, working with the third string QB now and without the service of Larry Johnson for past two games, maybe more.  The Chargers started the regular season banged up but seem to be on the mend offensively.  Defensively, the Chargers took a big hit when Shawne Merriman went out.

Outlook.  Barring injuries look for the Titan to keep a lock on the AFC South, while the reaming teams fight for a Wild Card spot.  Look for this division to mix it up going into the last half of the year.  In the AFC West it’s any ones division right now and too early to make projections.  However, my guess is that the Wild Card will not be coming from the AFC West this year.

Division Stats

                     Pts/G             Passing             Rushing

Broncos       24.7 (12th)       263 (3rd)             118 (13th)

Chargers      28.0 (3rd)         264 (7th)              97 (27th)

Raiders       15.3 (30th)        161 (29th)           129 (7th)

Chiefs         14.1 (31st)        163 (28th)           103 (20th)

Titans         24.8 (11th)         160 (30th)           154 (3rd)

Colts          21.3 (20th)         244 (9th)              70 (32nd)

Jaguars      20.1 (25th)         201 (20th)            116 (14th)

Texans       25.0 (10th)         253 (5th)             118 (11th)

Source NFL.com 10/27/08.  Note some data from the MNF was not available at the time of this post and rankings are subject to change. 

What do all these stats mean?  Some times they can tell a story and some times they don’t.  Statistically, the Raiders and Chiefs are nearly dead last and their record reflects the story.  The Texans are statically better than anyone in their division but are in last place.

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Week 8 in the AFC West

Around the Horn:  The AFC West had great match ups heading into Week 8 but at the end of the day remained win less.  The Chargers (3-5) were at Wembley Stadium in an overseas shoot out, but lost to the Saints 32-37.  This game featured a long awaited match up between Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, each had great games and had something to prove.  The Chiefs (1-6) traveled to Giants Stadium to face the Jets, again without the services of Larry Johnson but lost 24-28.  The Chiefs started Tyler Thigpen at quarterback and may have found their new starter.  The Raiders (2-5) traveled east to take on the Ravens but ran into a buzz saw.  They lost 10-29.  No one was able to make up ground on the Broncos who were off this week.

Top Performers:  The AFC West only managed to have two of the NFL top performers for Week 8.  Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Chargers:  Individual AFC West team top performers for the Chargers include Philip Rivers who finished second this week in passing yards.  Rivers passed for 341 yards with three touch downs completing 25 of 40 attempts.  Phillip Rivers spread the TDs around to Gates, Tomlinson, and Jackson.  A late interception by Rivers with 1:18 to play sealed the win for the Saints.  LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 105 yards on 19 attempts and added another 65 yards receiving.  Tomlinson’s performance allowed him to be fourth overall in rushing this week.

Chiefs:  Tyler Thigpen was 25/36 for 280 yards and two touchdowns.  Dwayne Bowie lead the Chiefs with 102 yards receiving.  Tony Gonzalez had 79 yards and a touchdown.  Mark Bradley caught his first NFL touchdown this week.

Raiders:  The Raider’s JaMarcus Russell hit his full back, Justin Griffith for a TD.  The Raiders posted 228 yard passing and a meager 47 yards rushing.

Broncos:  Having the week off couldn’t have come at a better time.  The Defense has given up 195 points in seven games and will be with out Champ Bailey.  The Offense after posting 114 points in the first three games has only managed to score 59 points in the last four games.

Week 9 Match Ups:  The Raiders are at home to take on the Falcons, the Broncos are at home against a much improved Dolphins team, the Chiefs have the Buccaneers at home, and the Chargers have a bye week.

AFC Division Leaders:  North – Steelers (5-2), South – Titans (6-0), East – Bills (5-2) and Patriots (5-2), West – Broncos (4-3)

More AFC West!  Check these blog sites for your self.

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Next Week Preview:  The AFC South - How the AFC West Matches Up

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Week 7 in the AFC West

Around the Horn:  The AFC West had some difficult matchups against the two divisional leaders.  Week 7 only had one winner in the AFC West, the Raiders.  The Charger (3-4) lost on the road to the Bills 14-23.  This game featured a bizarre power outage which stopped the game early in the first quarter and then again with 2 minute on the second quarter.  The Chiefs (1-5) hosted the unbeaten Tennessee Titans without the services of Larry Johnson but lost 10-41.  The Raiders (2-4) hosted the Jets and won with a record breaking field goal in Overtime. The Broncos (4-3) traveled to East Coast for a matchup against the Patriots on Monday night and lost 7-41. 

Top Performers:  Individual top performers in the NFL this week were dominated by players from the AFC South.  The AFC West only managed to have one of the NFL top performers for Week 7.  Tony Gonzalez ranked fifth overall for receivers this week.

Chargers:  Individual AFC West team top performers for the Chargers include Philip Rivers.  Rivers passed for 208 yards with two touch downs and was a very efficient completing 22 of 29 attempts.  Phillip Rivers spread the TDs around to Vince Jackson and Malcom Floyd again this week. Rivers had a costly turn over late in the fourth quarter that the Bill’s ultimately converted to a FG.  The potential 10 point swing was the difference in the game.  LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 41 yards on 14 attempts and added another 26 yards receiving.  Nate Kaeding added 2 extra points.

Chiefs:  The Kansas City Chiefs played three quarter back this week.  Damon Huard went 9/16 for 96 yards, Tyler Thigpen was 5/11 for 76 yards, and Brodie Croyle was a very efficient 9/10 for 63 yards.  Croyle left the game with a knee injury that ultimately ended his season.  The Chiefs passed for 225 yards and rushed for 58 yards.  Thigpen had the only touch down for the Chiefs.  Tony Gonzalez who was at the center of trade rumors this week had an impressive 97 yards on 6 receptions and finished 5th overall in the NFL for receiving.  Larry Johnson did not play this week as he served a one game suspension for team rules infractions.

Raiders:  The Raider’s JaMarcus Russell rolled out and hit Javon Walker for a TD.  It was Walker's first TD of the season.  The Jets kicked a late field goal to take the Raiders overtime. But a 57 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski gave the Raiders the win 16-13.  A much need win for the Raiders and their new coach.  The Raiders posted 203 yard passing and 153 yards rushing.  Justin Fargas put up the majority of the yards on the ground rushing for 74 yards on 28 attempts.

Broncos:  Jay Cutler connected on 17 of 26 for 168 yards.  Eddie Royal had 69 yards on 8 receptions. Brandon Marshall caught 6 passes for 77 yards.   The only touch down went to Daniel Graham.  Michael Pittman rushed for 88 yards on 20 attempts.  Turnovers hurt the Broncos again this week with 2 interceptions and 3 fumbles.

Week 9 Match Ups:  The Raiders are on the road and take on the Ravens, the Broncos have a bye week, the Chiefs travel east to take on the Brett Favre’s Jets, and the Chargers are in London for a game against the Saints in a match up that features two of the NFLs top rated passers, Drew Brees and Phil Rivers. 

AFC Division Leaders:  North – Steelers (5-1), South – Titans (6-0), East – Bills (5-1), West – Broncos (4-3)  

More AFC West!  I’m not the expert on each team so I’ve assembled a list of bloggers and members who regularly post about their home team.  Check them out for your self.  Note to Chiefs. I’m looking for someone has a blog about the Chiefs.  Let me know if you are interested. 

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Week 6 in the AFC West

How did the AFC measure up this Week?

Around the Horn:

This week’s winners include only the San Diego Charger (3-3) who defeated the New England Patriots 30 to 10.  The Denver Broncos (4-2) were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-17 and Oakland Raiders (1-4) were defeated by the New Orleans Saints 34 to 3.  The Chiefs (1-4) were off this week.  Not a particularly good showing this week by the AFC West, with the exception the Chargers.  Chargers are turning the heat up on the front runner!  Fumbles and interceptions continue to haunt the Broncos along with defensive issues.  The Jag's David Garrard had all day to find open receivers.  The Raiders debuted their new head coach, but with the same results.  Funny what difference a week makes.  Last week the Chargers wondered if they had traded the wrong Turner.  A win cured the hangover from last week’s loss.

Top Performers:

Individual AFC West team top performers for the Chargers include Philip Rivers.  Rivers ranked 4th overall the week, through for an impressive 306 yards and a touch downs hat trick.  Philip Rivers spread the TDs around to Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, and Antonio Gates.  Vincent Jackson ranked as the 3rd overall wide reciever this week with 134 yards including a nice 59-yard reception.  LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 74 yards on 20 attempts and added another 44 yards in the passing game.  Nate Kaeding added another 12 point for the Chargers hitting on 3 of 4 field goal attempts and was perfect with 3 extra points.

The Broncos only have one top performer this week, and it’s Michael Pittman.  Pittman finished 5th overall the week and had 109 yards rushing on 20 attempts with 3 receptions for another 16 yards.  I add honorable mention for Brandon Stokley who left the game early with a head injury and Daniel Graham played well with Eddie Royal and Tony Scheffler out.  Cutler continued to have problems with turnovers, and did live up to his self proclaimed comment that his arm was stronger than John Elway’s this week.  You have to walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk.

The Raiders only mustered 3 points so as you can imagine, no top performer for for the Oakland Raiders this week.  The Raiders posted 159 yard passing and 85 yards rushing.

Next weeks match up:

The Raiders at home against the Jets, the Broncos travel to New England, the Chiefs hosting the Tennessee Titans, and the Chargers start a long road trip to Buffalo and then head to London for a home game.  Now that’s a road trip! 

Please note the ranking for individual team performances was done prior to the MNF game and may be subject to change.

Feel free to post how you think your AFC West team will do in Week 7.

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