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Posted on: April 12, 2009 11:36 am
Edited on: April 12, 2009 11:36 am

Broncos & Bears Trade Outcome

The Broncos traded Jay Cutler to the Bears for Kyle Orton, a first and third round pick this year, and a first round pick next year.   It’s natural to look at the deal and speculate who came out on top.  The Bears received a Pro Bowl quarterback and have something to build around.   The problem is they sold their draft picks to Denver for the next few years.  The Bears still can add some protection for Cutler and pick up quality receivers through free agency or late round draft picks.

What the Broncos received will depend on how they use their draft picks this year and next.  It also depends on how Orton fits into the new offensive game plan.  So the result of the trade may not be realized for a few years.  The speculation on how each team did depends on your perspective.  The Bears could have just added the player that gets them to the playoff.  The Broncos have enough draft picks to retool a Defense that was near the bottom to the league last year.  If Orton works out then they can spend even more draft pick next year on Defense.  If he doesn’t then they have enough fire power to pick up a quality quarterback in the first round.  If history has taught us anything its that not every Pro Bowler is a first round draft pick.

While I think Cutler was a quality quarterback, relationships deteriorated with the Broncos and ultimately he didn’t want to play in Denver any longer.  With that in mind, the Broncos received quite a bit from the Bears in the trade.  I think in the short term the Bears are better than last year due to the trade.  But until the Broncos make their draft picks, I don’t think we can evaluate them.  The Broncos Offense was ranked fairly high in the NFL last year.  I can only assume we were going to put in a new Offensive game plan with the new head coach.  How Cutler, now Orton will adjust and execute that game plan will determine if there has been a slip in the Offense.  The draft pick the Broncos make in the first few rounds of the draft should tell the fans how long something about where the organization is going.  If they bundle draft pick and trade up for a quarterback I think we are in for a long rebuilding period.  If we get some quality Densive players, the road to recovery should be shorter. 

What I’m going to miss is the Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers rivalry.  Now the Bears fans have that with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. 






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Posted on: March 12, 2009 12:53 am

Cutler & McDaniels Conflict Thoughts

It has been well publicized in the media that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is not happy about the thought of being traded.  The follow up teleconference nearly two weeks later, between the Cutler camp and Broncos management left Cutler feeling the discussion didn’t go well.  However Coach McDaniels thought it did go well.  So like many Broncos fan it was difficult to understand why McDaniels would trade their Pro Bowl QB for Matt Cassel.  The terms of the deal just didn’t add up.

We all understand the NFL is a business, and any one can be traded for the right deal.  Still the deal didn’t make since out side of the obvious, that Cassel has run the Patriots offensive scheme we believe McDaniels plans to run.  But still, why wouldn’t you expect Cutler to learn, understand, and run a new offense?

I came to two plausible conclusions.  First, McDaniels doesn’t have a clue as to Cutler’s value in a trade, has no interpersonal skills, or is in way over his head.  Second, maybe he is Mastermind II.  That’s probably a big leap from what you have been reading lately so let me elaborate.  McDaniels is young and in his first head coaching job.  He is replacing a coach who had a long tenure with the team and who had brought the Broncos two Super Bowl Championship.  That is a big task in itself to live up to and filling those expectations.  So, one of the things he has to do is establish credibility with the team.  What better way to establish who is in control than to take on the highest profile member of the team with his first act.  What McDaniels is doing is challenging Cutler.  It’s likely that out side of a few QB competitions, Cutler has not been treated this way before.  McDaniels has a management style that is much different than Shanahan’s and he is expecting Jay to step up to the plate and show everyone that he is the franchise player we all hope and expect him to be.  McDaniels is going to break down individuals and build a team concept from the ground up.  He’s telling Cutler the train has left the station; you are either on it or going to be run over by it. 

I've seen this management style before, it works on some but not all people.  Will Cutler take the challenge?  Only time will tell.  If he sulks around like a spoiled kid and under performs, we could see Chris Simms late in season.  If he lives up to his billing, then I see a nice long term contract coming his way and all this nonsense will be ancient history. 

As a Bronco fan all I can say is I hope the second conclusion is the probable out come and not the first.  I would like to see these two professionals work out their difference, preferably behind closed doors and not in front of the media.




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