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Needs vs Wants

Posted on: April 18, 2009 12:50 pm
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 2009 Broncos Draft – Needs vs Wants

The Broncos have a real opportunity this year to improve the team with ten picks overall, including five in the first three rounds.  The sediment in Bronco nation is that the offense is in decent shape and the draft will focus on improvements to the defense.  Several mock drafts have suggested the Broncos will trade up or keep the number 12 pick for a Quarterback.  The Broncos schedule a work out for Mark Sanchez.  Interestingly, several of these mock drafts that were updated on Friday now have Sanchez as the Broncos first selection.  What is interesting is that only a few (very few) prior to Friday had Sanchez available when the Broncos make their first pick.  Makes me wonder what changed.  Just because he scheduled a work out doesn’t mean his value changed.  I understand the Broncos wanting to evaluate him in case he is available.  But, I seriously doubt this will happen in the 2009 draft, but don’t rule it out for the 2010 draft.    I think this will depend entirely on how well Kyle Orton plays and how Chris Simms performs as his reserve.  Optimally, if Orton works well in the new offensive scheme, perhaps we don’t select a QB in 2010.

Mock drafts speculate who will be taken when based a person’s opinion of what the needs are for a particular team and who is available.  The Broncos war room just like every other NFL team is going through this same drill.  What position(s) do we need to improve, how do the individual players rank in our system and what impact they will have?  Then, who are the likely players to fall to the team when it’s time to make a selection?  That’s the need.  If the war room consensus is a targeted play will be off the board before it time to select, then that’s a want and the team will package a deal with one or more teams to trade up to select a targeted player.  Take the Sanchez situation for example.  Do we need a quarterback or do want a quarterback?  I contend that if we select quarterback first it’s a want because we already have two quarterbacks and we need to shore up the defense.

I have to admit that I have enjoyed reading the Broncos message boards concerning who to take when.  It confirms my belief that the Broncos fans are passionate about their team and like to defend their selections to the end.  As a matter of fact, even though we may want a player, we are not in the war room evaluating the needs of the team.  For the first time in a long time the war room participants are new.  We don’t know much about the new staff only what tendencies they carry with them from a former team.  For example, will the Broncos trade up to pick a targeted “must have” player or will they stand pat?  As stated above, the Broncos have a number of draft picks to package a deal.  So as much as I would like to jump into the mix and speculate on who the Broncos select, it’s not up to me.  It will be what it will be.  I can only sit back and watch as the draft unfolds.  I like to be able to say that we will all get what we want or need but in the end it is what it is.



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Posted on: April 28, 2009 12:19 am

Needs vs Wants - Post Draft Final Thoughts

I needed that extra day to digest the weekend and after ranting on one of cotton-22’s post I’m feeling better (sorry about that cotton-22).  Bottom line the offense is better and the defense got some help in the secondary.  Biggest weakness is still the defensive front seven.  Considering the win now mentality in the NFL, its hard to see how not addressing this issue will help in the short term.

The Broncos (players and coaches) still have a lot of questions to answer before the first game. 
Will anyone be an impact player?  - I see two maybe three.
Will the Broncos switch to the 3-4?  - I don’t see it with the personnel they have now.  Maybe they workt in to it or mix it up a bit to show some different looks, but they don’t committee to it this year.
How will the crop of rookie free agents stack up?  - We might find one or two surprises.
How many games can the Broncos win and what will be the ultimate cost of trading our 2010 pick?  - I’m going with six games and we gave up the eighth overall pick next year.
Who will remain at running back and tight end position?  - We picked them up in FA and just selected the other RB as our number 12 pick.  Payton slides to full back.  We roll with three this year and have Hillis as insurance.  The rest get cut or traded.  My odd on favorite at TE to be traded is Tony.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 10:18 am

Needs vs Wants

No need to apologize. The turn of events from this past weekend have our heads reeling. I have been wondering around in a daze for the last twenty four hours just trying to grasp it all. You nailed it when you said we could have a top five pick next, but now that is gone. Just baffling.

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Posted on: April 26, 2009 11:14 pm

Needs vs Wants

Talk about taking the wind out our sails.  I was so pumped up Friday night I couldn't wait to see who we picked Saturday.  It just seems like it was all a bad dream.  We had ten picks in the draft and we selected six offensive players.  Only one pick that helped out the defensive front seven.  Sat back after Saturday, and thought we have a plan.  Ok, it's Sunday now we are going to adress the Defense, right?  I'm watching the pick the Broncos are making and I get this sinking feeling that this is going to repeat of yesterday.

Well it looks like the offense is goning to have to score a lot a points again this year.  I can understand trade and moving up or down during the draft, but we traded our number one pick next year.  If the Broncos have a bad year in 2010, that could be a top five pick.  Yeah, I dont get it either. 

Sorry, I've written this about 10 times now and errased it.  I'm trying to be up beat but I just don't feel it right now. 

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Posted on: April 26, 2009 8:51 pm

Needs vs Wants

I can not believe how this weekend unfolded.  Trading our 1st next year Alphonso Smith. We did need a young corner but that trade took our options of trading up next year.  Moreno is a great tallent and will fit in well.  But this was a best avalable pick.  Why the USC players fell so low who knows. 
Now what happens with Schefler and Grahmn.  The last pick of the 1st day a Tight End, why?  It's almost like McD needed more time to think about what to do next.  Trading two thirds for the last pick of Day 1 and a 4th.  Drafting more offencive players than defencive players, wow.  No one could have seen that.  I still don't see drafting another WR.  It was late but we need Defence.

Now we just have to wait untill Tuesday when the trades start.  What is  Denver going to do with Arrington, Buckholter, Torran, Jordan, Young, and Hall.  Payton Hillis will be a solid full back with half back skills.  How much money did McD throw away signing all the RB's in the off season.  There is no way we can go into the season with 7 or more RB's. 

What a shocking turn of events. We  just missing the playoffs with Cutler, Marshall and Royal just getting started.

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Posted on: April 26, 2009 11:11 am

Needs vs Wants

I don't believe that McDaniels has delivered the goods with day one of this draft. The trade in round two simply baffles me. I will stew on that one for a long time. Bowlen has to be scratching his head as well. I hope he is giving some consideration to the question,
"What have I done?"

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Posted on: April 26, 2009 10:24 am

Needs vs Wants or Best Available

Day one:  It is what it is.

Round 1, Selection 12: Running Back Knowshon Moreno

Round 1, Selection 18: Line Backer Robert Ayers

Round 2, Selection 37: Corner Back Alphonso Smith

Round 2, Selection 48:  Free Saftey Darcel McBath

Round 2, Selection 63: Tight End Richard Quinn

Apparently there was one more possibility, and that was taking the best available player not necessary how they fit into the team’s needs or wants.  I know there is a lot of pressure to win now, but this strategy has been used before.  It generally leads to perennial number one draft picks in next years draft and doesn’t bode well for a coach’s or general managers tenure.

Day 2 of the draft begins with two picks in round 4, one in rounds 5 and 6, finishing with two in round 7.

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Posted on: April 22, 2009 8:05 pm

Needs vs Wants


I agree the Defense needs to be the emphases of the draft especially with our first three picks.  I could wait on QB and RB until much later in the draft.  The coaching staff’s trip to watch Sanchez work out makes me nervous.  It would be nice if he was selected before our first round picks, so that’s not even a consideration.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Broncos were just trying to throw other teams off the track as to the Broncos true intentions.  If we pick a RB, you are right, what was the point of our free agent signings?


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Posted on: April 19, 2009 8:55 pm

Needs vs Wants

Denver should wait on the quarterback and build up the D.  Kyle Orton didn't have a good offencive line when he was with the Bears.  There recievers don't even compare to Royal, Marshall, Stokley, and Scheffler.  Quraterbacks and Running backs are wants.  The Broncos have the tallent at both positions.  McDanials just needs to pick on of the many backs he has.  If they draft a running back I don't understand why they signed  JJ Arrington, Buckholter or Lament Jordan.   

Defence is a need.  Build up the D.  Get the best avalable Defencive tallent early in the Draft.  Draft cornerbacks and safteys late, and let Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins groom them. 

I hope McDanials can make up for getting rid of Cutler and make these draft picks count.


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Posted on: April 19, 2009 7:58 pm

Needs vs Wants


Actually you demonstrate my point.  Lets assume of the available players for the Broncos if they stand pat or trade up are not busts.  That's a big assumption by the way.  For evaluation and just to keep the playing field even will assume there are no issues.  If the team trades up and I think the number 12 and third round pick would be right, then the Broncos trade two picks for one.  The question becomes, is this player (B.J. Raji, from your example) that much better than the number 12 pick and a 3rd rounder.  I say you would need to do a lot soul searching to make that leap.  From where the Broncos are coming from I don’t feel the differential between say the 6th to 8th overall pick out weight the costs.  So in this case the want does not out weight the need.  It would be different if you only had one or two holes to fill, but if you watched the Broncos play last year, there are many positions to improve at and one player isn’t going to make the difference.  Two slightly less talented players could have much more impact.



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Posted on: April 19, 2009 10:10 am

Needs vs Wants

So using your example, if you want B.J Raja and you don’t think he will be there you trade up to get him.  Not sure what that would take but it would cost you a first and third round pick.  Since the Broncos gained an extra pick from the Bears in the Jay Cutler trade, what did you actually lose?  Didn't you met your need and want?


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